Moscow Street Contest 2019

Vova Turkin and Kirill Kochetkov at Moscow Street Contest 2019

Moscow Street Contest 2019 happened on 17. August 2019. This amazing event for more than a decade is the biggest rollerblading street competition in Russia and also one of the oldest and the most long lasting annual rollerblading event in the world. A lot of aggressive inline skaters from different countries gather to show their best.

Filmed by Kirill Galushko, Grisha Shishkin
Edited by Kirill Galushko

Tricks on aggressive inline skates by Vova Turkin at Moscow Street Contest 2019

Residing in Volgograd, Vova Turkin is known for his competitive aproach. He has never missed such big competitions and at each event he shows something more powerful.

True porn on a kink rail – no problem! At MSC Street Contest 2019, Vova once again proves to be one of the most stable rollerbladers in Russia.

Kirill Kochetkov at Moscow Street Contest 2019

Kirill Kochetkov is an outstanding roller from Tyumen, Russia. His style continues to inspire people from all over the world. This year he makes it big in the street skating too. After showing huge potential at AZ Picnic and Contest, he brings his skating to the next level at Moscow S3t Contest.

OST: Truwer – Медали

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