Nikita Kamaz: Kamaz I Want U Edit

We at PILLS WHEELS really appreciate Nikita’s riding and love his new videos. After all, he never ceases to amaze. Every edit is an effort to push the boundaries of what is possible, whether it’s tricks or style. We love his fresh perspective on the choice of spots. And we think that this approach to skating can leave few people indifferent. Moreover, the process of creating such a visualization goes through many stages, but we will leave that behind the scene.

Some time ago Kamaz, having traditionally cooperated with Max Shirokikh, went to Moscow to finish shooting the shots. Part of the stunts had already been filmed in their native Yaroslavl, but there were a few more touches to add. Here is the first video-visualization from Nikita for PILLS WHEELS in 2016.

Filming/editing: Maxim Shirokikh
Music: BSN Posse – I Want U

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