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Hi everybody! A lot has happened in the last year, especially in the formative moments of our brand. Sometimes it’s very hard to make clear and informed decisions, but if you do nothing, nothing will happen. We have been following those who can represent the PILLS brand of wheels for aggressive rollers for a long time. And now we can happily introduce you to our renewed team. First we released the DMTip pro-model wheels for Miti Tipikin, the only PILLS WHEELS rider, and several team models.

Our krew is now a concentration of skill, technique and creativity. We are introducing the addition to the PILLS WHEELS team.

Nikita “Kamaz” Sergeev

Nikita has long established himself in rollerblading society as an underground character with a distinctive style. By the way, his hometown has a strong and distinctive aggressive inline skate scene, with video premieres and rollerblading contests taking place all the time. Nikita has been riding for Them Goods in Russia for a while now, and now he represents PILLS WHEELS as well.

Nikita Kamaz Sergeev - aggressive inline skater from PILLS WHEELS Team

By the way, just recently Kamaz made a video for COTTONFEET. Editing: Maxim Shirokikh.

Vladimir Turkin

Many times Vovan made the jaw drop of those watching. Street finals, shooting footage or just riding with friends. He has something to surprise an outsider’s immature mind. Raised by the hero city, he always comes to your state to show off his most daring riding.

Vladimir Turkin rollerblader from PILLS WHEELS Aggressive Inline Skating Team

A short video by Rodion Egorov for the K24 Shop, in which Vova hits “Ferma” skatepark in Perovo.

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  1. прикольно. а от туркина конкретно для pills будет видео в стрите?

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