Sponsor Pack Giveaway Contest Results

Big respect to everyone who participated in this 1 month acid challenge. We were surprised and really glad to receive so many PILLS WHEELS Sponsor Pack Giveaway Contest applications. The task was quite tricky and even difficult in the terms of the winter season. But the feedback was enormous.

Some participants were good, some were really good. We decided to select 4 edits that we thought to be the most creative, tech and stylish.

Here are the winners of PILLS WHEELS Sponsor Pack Giveaway Contest:

  1. Kasey Schmitz
  2. Nico Chol
  3. Joshua Broughton
  4. Kyle Vandongen

We congratulate all the winners. Today you are the best!

Please, send us your size, full names and addresses here: pillswheels@gmail.com
It may take some time but we will deliver your prizes soon!

To all the people who are not on the list: never give up! Rollerblading has got endless possibilities for growth so just hone your skill. And we won’t make you wait long for the next giveaway.

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