Детали логотипа на свитшоте DUAL черно-серого цвета PILLS WHEELS

3D and DUAL Sweatshirts from PILLS WHEELS

Hi, to all the rollers and those who are excited about our brand!

Thank you for supporting us and our previous releases.

Introducing the 3D and DUAL sweatshirts, which are made of lightweight fleece. We have made loose fitting raglans to be comfortable for skating or just walking around.

All jerseys are available in sizes M, L and XL.

To buy our new production, go to PILLS WHEELS shop.

3D Sweatshirts

One colour sweatshirts in black and blue.

3D Pills Wheels aggressive roller sweatshirt

Blue sweatshirt for aggressive 3D Pills Wheels

DUAL Sweatshirts

DUAL sweatshirts are made out of two-colour fabric. There is a small pills logo on the chest – the Pills Wheels logo.

DUAL black and grey PILLS WHEELS sweatshirt

DUAL sweatshirt navy blue-grey PILLS WHEELS

DUAL sweatshirt gray-black PILLS WHEELS

DUAL Grey and Blue PILLS WHEELS Sweatshirt

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